How do I start the application process?
Please send an email to GGE at or call 1-416-833-8520, and Julia will walk you through the process. Please remember to indicate in online applications that Julia Barta is your representative so she can continue to assist you throughout the process.

When are the upcoming application deadlines?
Semmelweis University: May 31, 2017
University of Szeged: June 30, 2017
University of Pécs: June 30, 2017
University of Veterinary Science: April 30, 2017
Budapest Campus of McDaniel College: September 1, 2017 (Long Course) and
December 1, 2017 (Intensive Course)

Can I apply right before the application deadline?
Overall applicant numbers have been increasing, applicants worldwide have been submitting their applications earlier each year, and the Universities have been making admission decisions on a continuous basis. For all these reasons, space becomes very limited towards mid-Summer at all the Universities. As such, based on our experience in previous years, it is highly recommended that applications be submitted before the end of April, 2017.

When will I find out whether I have been admitted? 
Once an application is complete and received, the Universities may take anywhere from a few days to up to 4 weeks to make a decision. Often the decision will be emailed to the applicant and/or representative within that timeline, but the official acceptance letter may not be available for quite a while later.

How will I know my application documents have been received?
You will get an email or a call from GGE to let you know that your application has been received. 

I have applied. Now what?
Thanks for applying! Julia Barta will contact you to discuss next steps and assist you through the process; whether that is preparing for the Entrance Examination or managing your expectations regarding your eligibility for exemption from the Entrance Examination.

I am having technical issues applying online. What should I do?
Please send an email to GGE at or call 1-416-833-8520, and Julia will get in touch with the University directly.

I have an undergraduate or graduate degree in a related field. Does this qualify me for advanced standing?
Depending on what you have studied, at what level, how recently, and how well you did, you may be eligible to receive transfer credits. GGE will advise you on likely scenarios, but the decisions regarding transfer credits and advanced standing are ultimately made by the individual Program Directors at each University.

Can I work while I attend school in Hungary?
As a foreign student in Hungary, you are not eligible to seek employment. Furthermore, please be aware that the academic programs are rigorous, and it is highly unlikely that you would have time to work on the side.

How demanding are the programs?
Hungary is world renowned for its education. Expect to work hard and to become a superbly trained, confident professional by the end of your studies.

I am graduating high school this year, and have no university background. Can I still apply?
Definitely. Our programs are open to high school graduates as long as they turn 18, no later than the year they are applying in.

I am currently enrolled in the same program of study at another University outside Hungary. Can I still apply?
Definitely. Your application will be evaluated by the Program Director at the University of your choice, based on the overlap in the coursework and your performance to date.

I am currently enrolled in the same program of study at another University in Hungary. Can I still apply?
Yes. Please note that Universities will only consider transfer applications after applicants have successfully completed the first two years in their program.

I am currently enrolled at the University, but in a different program of study. Can I request to be transferred into another program?
You will likely need to start at the beginning due to mandatory prerequisite courses.

Can I start my studies in January?
Generally speaking, there is no January intake. The only exceptions are at the University of Veterinary Medicine, on an invitational basis, and at the intensive preparatory course at the The Budapest Campus of McDaniel College.

I do not speak any Hungarian. Is this going to be a disadvantage?
All classes are taught in English. However, Hungarian is part of the curriculum so students can better interact with patients in the pre-clinical and clinical years of their studies.

I am a Hungarian citizen and speak Hungarian. Is this going to give me an advantage?
Hungarian citizenship does not give students an advantage for admission or for tuition. However, knowing Hungarian will help students in day to day life, as well as in the pre-clinical and clinical modules of their studies.

I am an American/Canadian citizen. Do I have to get a visa to study in Hungary?
Students coming from the United States and Canada do not need a student visa, but have to apply for a residence permit within 90 days after their arrival to Hungary. 

What can I expect in an acceptance letter?
The acceptance letter will confirm the program you have been accepted to, as well as important dates and payment information.

What are my options if I was not admitted to the program of my choice?
The Budapest Campus of McDaniel College and the University of Szeged both have excellent preparatory programs. In addition to the standard, two-semester program, the Budapest Campus of McDaniel College also offers a one-semester intensive program.