The following are the application requirements for the Degree Programs offered by the Universities:

1. The Applicant must turn 18 no later than the end of the calendar year he/she is applying in;

2. The Applicant must graduate from an accredited high school no later than the summer before the academic year he/she is applying for;

3. The Applicant must have taken high school (or higher) level Biology, Chemistry, and/or Physics;

4. The Applicant must have a good command of the English language:
a.    Be a native English speaker, or
b.    Pass the English language entrance examination, or
c.    Have been educated in English for at least four years at high school or university level;

5. The Applicant must pass the entrance examination in Biology and Chemistry, or gain exemption from the entrance examination requirement based on higher level studies.

6. Any Applicant who failed any subject in their final year of high school may not be eligible for admission.