"When I was considering applying to Semmelweis, I contacted Ms. Barta to get some information about the program and the university. She was very kind and knowledgeable and gave me all the information I needed. After deciding to apply and meeting with her, she facilitated the application process. She met all the students in Budapest and was very helpful. So, get in touch with her and she can help you immensely with your questions!” - Dr. I.P., Toronto, ON, Canada, Semmelweis University, Class of 2013

"I have Julia Barta to thank for my acceptance to Semmelweis University. She arranged my entrance examination, offered me guidance during the entire application process, and was also a strong advocate for me. Moreover, I made long-lasting friendships at the event she hosted for the North American students. I am truly grateful for her support and direction as she facilitated my transition going into medical school.

Semmelweis University has been the best six years of my life. My first two years of university were demanding to say the least, as oral examinations were a new concept for me. Furthermore, anatomy class challenged my artistic skills. The amount of times I had to practice drawing the midsagittal-section of the larynx is forever embedded in me. Overall, I gained comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of medicine during my studies, which was evident when I scored in the 74th percentile on my USMLE examinations. I am excited to continue my journey of lifelong growth and education during my medical residency." - Dr. Annamaria M., Buffalo, NY, United States, Semmelweis University, Class of 2015

"If you're a Canadian looking to studying medicine in Hungary, Julia is your go-to person!  She answered all my questions and facilitated a smooth application process. Studying at Semmelweis University School of Medicine in the capital city Budapest allowed me to maintain a healthy work-life balance. The medical education was outstanding in quality and up-to-date with global standards. I was also able to continue leading research in pathobiochemistry and publish in scientific journals. Hungary is known for its Nobel Laureates in Science & Medicine; you would be standing on the shoulders of giants. I am currently back in Canada pursuing a career in Integrative Medicine." - Dr. Jimmy H., Toronto, ON, Canada, Semmelweis University, Class of 2013

"Navigating the process of studying medicine abroad is exceedingly difficult. Without Julia, I would have never even known where to start! Julia's commitment to me and my goals along with her endless advice and guidance helped me launch my career as a doctor and allowed me to pursue my passion. Thanks Julia!!” - Dr. A. H., Philadelphia, PA, United States, Semmelweis University, Class of 2014

"Julia Barta was great help with the university process. She met with me in person, answered all my questions, and helped with exemptions. This made the transition stress free!" - Dr. Lindsay W., Calgary, AB, Canada, University of Veterinary Medicine, Class of 2015

"Before I contacted Julia, I had no idea what the application process to an international school entailed. Her vast knowledge and insight about the application process alleviated any prior misconceptions that I had. She carefully explained the necessary steps and precautions that were essential to having an excellent application. Her guidance and honest critiques were key to the success of my overall application. It has been a pleasure to work with Julia and I hope that our paths cross once again." - James Z., Austin, TX, United States, Semmelweis University, Class of 2023

"When I first started the application process I felt lost. I had numerous questions about the required materials in addition to questions about the university, what it would take for an international student like myself to be successful, and how I would prepare for US board exams while attending an international school. Julia not only took the time to promptly answer any questions I had, but went above and beyond by consistently providing me with constructive criticism to ensure my documents were the best that they could be. I know her knowledge and guidance was crucial to the success of my application and I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Julia." - Shayan S., Austin, TX, United States, Semmelweis University, Class of 2023

"For various reasons, I'd decided to continue my studies abroad...When I choose Hungary as the place to apply to, I contacted Julia for helping me through the process. Julia is very professional and helpful ! She guided me through the application process and the entrance examinations, as well as being a only a phone call away if I had any questions or needed help. In less than a few months after my admission, I managed to get settled in Budapest and start my dentistry education at Semmelweis University!" - Sara P., Toronto, ON, Canada, Semmelweis University, Class of 2021